Frequently Asked Questions

ARV is a tool that helps insurance and real estate agents understand the risk around a property. We deliver a highly visual report that agents can hand
over to their customers, helping both agents and customers to understand the risk of a property.

Sure! We’ve got a 3 lookup trial subscription that lets you run up to three different properties. When you’ve used those 3, you’ll get the option to switch to a paid plan.

With ARV, you can have one “master” account, then add individual agents to that account. That way, you can maintain the branding of the agency while personalizing the report to the individual agent.

No! When you purchase ARV, you have one full year to use what you’ve signed up for. When you run out of lookups, you can quickly and easily purchase more!

Of course! You have the option of buying a small number, then rebuying when you need more. You can also select “Custom” and order as many reports as you think you’ll need. It’s totally up to you.

No! If we see an address on your file, you can pull up the existing report for no charge.

We use data from our parent company, HazardHub, to populate all ARV reports. HazardHub has a team of data scientists and geographers who specialize in building these datasets.

Hydrant data is the most challenging of all data to collect. If you know there is a property with a fire hydrant and the ARV report does not show it, then send the address to and we’ll see if we can collect data for that area.

Our property data is a combination of publicly available county assessor data and private real estate transaction data. We combine both sources to discover best possible answer.